New Use of PET Film

PET film has excellent physical, and chemical properties and dimensional stability, transparency, and recyclability, can be widely used in magnetic recording, photographic materials, electronics, electrical insulation, industrial film, packaging decoration and other fields, with the development of special functional PET film, new uses continue to appear.

Compressed Air Plastic Film

Compressed air plastic film (foam packaging) is made of two polymerase films sealed together and filled with air bubbles between them. In this way, the compressed air provides good cushioning for lighter items, and it can be cut so that products of any shape or size can be packed. As the main function of polyvinegar film is to improve support, it is expected that medium-thickness (25~75um) film is suitable. We also provide window film plastic for sale.

Nano-pet Film

High transparency and gloss: the particle size of nanoparticles is between 1~ 100nm, which is smaller than the wavelength of visible light and has less influence on the transparency of the film. High barrier and heat resistance: Using nanomaterials with special properties and unique processing technology, the nanomaterials are evenly dispersed in the PET matrix with nanometer size. In the film production process, through stretching orientation, the PET film shows excellent barrier performance, the transmittance of 02, CO2 and H20 is reduced exponentially, and the heat resistance is also greatly improved, which can expand the application field of PET. Greatly prolong the shelf life of the packaged goods, but also can be used for hot filling or sterilization occasions.

Film covering (for card protection)

Paper carrier publications, packaging and other printed matter after printing through film finishing, text and text have been protected, visual effect is better, especially matte film on the light does not have wide Angle, excessive light diffuse refraction, more give people a soft, deep, noble, luxurious new feeling. The film can increase the depth and brightness of the color, and improve the color contrast, so that the text can be waterproof, will not stick dirty, anti-oil. And we offer color pet film for sale. Wear resistance. The physical and mechanical strength of the paper such as tension value, smoothness, photoaging, tear resistance and puncture resistance is improved, the physical properties of hygroscopic are inhibited, the deformation and damage caused by the influence of water on the paper products are reduced, and the rigidity and forming stability of the products are improved. After the printing film processing can delay the fading process even if it is exposed to sunlight. According to relevant statistics, good packaging can increase sales by 15~ 18%. The input of post-press finishing film cost is far lower than the increase of product added value, product promotion rate, safe and convenient use value, etc.


Application of Transparent Electrode

It has been reported that soluble high conductivity polyaniline coated on polyvinegar (PET) film has successfully replaced ITO as a transparent electrode, the first time to achieve a flexible large-area plastic LED in the world. By studying the interface characteristics of luminescent polymer material and metal electrode, the long-term working stability of the device is achieved.We provide types of functional films.

Antistatic PET film

Due to the electrostatic phenomenon caused by friction of PET film, water-soluble polyaniline and specific poly cool binder coated on PET film can not only maintain its transparency but also have excellent antistatic properties. 

Use multilayer film instead of metal cans

An Indian food company uses multilayer film instead of metal to pack food, which not only reduces packaging costs, but also keeps it fresh and preservative. Multilayer film is composed of polyvinegar film, aluminum film and polypropylene film. It is used for food packaging, which ensures the strength of soft packaging can and prevents light leakage and oxidation. Sardines are said to be packed with multilayer film and have a shelf life of more than two years.

PET film for digital printing

Durakote TM, a digital poly cool film produced exclusively by Robert Horne UK, is available in both single sheet and roll type for digital color printing. The polyvinegar film has a variety of colors, including opaque white, transparent luster, super bright, and metallic luster several, as well as white, matt, and super bright adhesive. Durakote is coated with a special coating that ensures the color agent adheres well, unlike some films currently on the market that crack and flake at the fold. This film provides good ink adhesion, printing quality and color reproduction, and has very good flattening properties.

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New Use of PET Film

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