Green PET Film

The green BOPET film has good physical properties and high chemical corrosion resistance. Green PET film refers to a type of polyester film with a green color. The green color is obtained by adding green pigment or dye during the manufacturing process. The green PET film's unique properties make it suitable for different applications in various industries. Green PET film is used mainly in the packaging industry for wrapping, labeling, and packaging products. The film's green color makes it an attractive and eye-catching option for these applications. Additionally, its high tensile strength, excellent resistance to moisture, and good barrier properties make it an ideal packaging material.

Green PET Film Types

Green film is mainly used for the process protection of consumer electronic products. Green PET film has excellent machining performance, easy to press and shape, good surface wear resistance, and color can be produced according to customer requirements.

G801D Green PET Film
G801D Green PET film is a type of polyester film that is made from a green-colored base material. This film is known for its high tensile strength, dimensional stability, and excellent clarity.

Green PET Film Characteristics

High Tensile Strength
metalized polyester film
High tensile strength: The film is durable and has a high tensile strength, which makes it resistant to tearing or punctures.
Moisture Resistance
metallized polyester film
Moisture resistance: The film has low moisture absorption, making it ideal for packaging applications where moisture control is critical.
metallised polyester film
Recyclable: Green PET film is recyclable and can be made from recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly option for packaging.
Use of Green PET Film

Use of Green PET Film

Industrial Applications
Industrial Applications

Green PET film is widely used in industrial applications where chemical resistance and temperature resistance are essential, such as in electrical insulation.

Solar Panels
Solar Panels

Green PET film is used as the protective layer in thin-film photovoltaic solar panels, as it provides excellent UV resistance and durability.

Agricultural Applications
Agricultural Applications

Green PET film is used for greenhouse applications, providing UV protection and insulation for plants and crops.

Decorative Applications
Decorative Applications

Green PET film is used in decorative applications, such as for laminating surfaces to provide protection and decorative finishes.


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Green PET Film
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