Window Film Base Stock

Window film base stock, the product can be used as the base film raw material of auto window film. The window film base stock can block ultraviolet rays, block heat, and have anti-glare and explosion-proof functions. The building window membrane has the functions of heat insulation, energy conservation and indoor temperature regulation; Effectively block harmful ultraviolet rays and prevent furniture from fading; Block solar glare, prevent light pollution and protect vision; It has multiple functions such as safety, explosion protection, high temperature and fire resistance.

Uses of Window Film Base Stock

1. Window film thickness, color, light transmittance, the infrared and ultraviolet barrier can be customized according to customer requirements and used in the automobile industry.

2. The type of window film used for coating the base film is customized by the factor that finished the window film. 

3. Black opaque window film used for building shading. It is used to protect household panels and the explosion-proof window membrane of the bathroom, which is divided into matte and transparent.

Advantages of Window Film Base Stock

Optical Clarity
pet window film
Optical clarity - Window film base stock offers exceptional visual clarity, making it an ideal material for producing high-quality window films that allow the maximum amount of light into the room whi...
Thermal Resistance
window plastic film
Thermal resistance - Window film base stock has excellent thermal stability, making it ideal for manufacturing window films that reduce heat transfer and energy costs.
window film plastic
Versatility - Window film base stock is versatile and can be customized to meet specific requirements for different applications, including automotive, residential and commercial buildings, and decorative purposes.
Easy Handling
clear plastic window film
Easy handling - Window film base stock is easy to handle and work with during manufacturing, reducing production time and increasing efficiency.
plastic window protection film
Cost-effective - Window film base stock is a cost-effective material for producing window films, providing a low-cost solution for enhancing privacy, reducing energy costs, and protecting against UV radiation.
Heshun Window Film Base Stock Techonology

Heshun Window Film Base Stock Techonology


Heshun Window Film Base Stock Technology provides superior adhesion and durability, allowing for longer lasting protection from the elements. It also blocks up to 99% of UV rays, protecting the interior of your car from fading and sun damage. 


Heshun Window Film Base Stock Technology is environmentally friendly, as it is free from solvents and other hazardous chemicals. It also reduces the amount of energy used in the manufacturing process. 


Heshun Window Film Base Stock Technology is extremely easy to install and requires no prior experience. It is also compatible with most window film brands, making it a great option for DIYers. 


Heshun Window Film Base Stock Technology is a great choice for those looking for a durable, long-lasting window film. It offers superior protection from the elements, blocks UV rays, and is easy to install.


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Window Film Base Stock
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