Functional PET Film

In addition to the good physical and chemical properties of ordinary film, Heshun is devoted to developing and researching special-purpose applications, successfully turning out a series of functional films to meet different industrial demands, including released film, super gloss film, high elongation film, window film base film, retardant film, and others.

Functional PET Films Types

Functional PET film refers to a type of wholesale PET film that provides additional functions besides its basic physical and mechanical properties. This type of polyester plastic film is engineered to possess specific characteristics that can enhance its performance and functionality for various applications.
Window Film Base Stock
Window functional film thickness, color, light transmittance, infrared and ultraviolet barrier can be customized according to customer requirements and can be used in the automobile industry.
Flame Retardant Film
Among functional PET films, the flame retardant film is mainly used in the fields of electrical machinery, building decoration materials and heating engineering in cold weather areas with requirements for product safety.
Solar Backplane Film
The solar backplane film has excellent mechanical properties compared with other functional films, barrier properties and insulation properties and plays a supporting, insulating and protective role in the solar backplane. There are two kinds of white and transparent, which can pass the PCT 48h and 60h test.
High Gloss Film
High Gloss film, bright and smooth surface, high transparency, high definition and gorgeous color. 1.CT103(D):23-50μm,Haze range:1.0-1.2 2.CT105(D):45-50μm,Haze range:1.4-1.6
Release Film
The release film has low surface properties, Dyne value<38, and has self-release effect, but its temperature resistance is the same as that of ordinary PET. Thickness range 25-100um
High Strength Film
The high strength film is prepared by special process and raw materials: the longitudinal strength is more than 240MPa, and the transverse strength is more than 260MPa.
High Performance Stretch Film
High Performance Stretch Film has excellent fracture ductility and good tear resistance. The elongation at longitudinal break is more than 200%, and the elongation at transverse break is more than 170%. The thickness range is 50-100um.
High Haze Film
High haze film has high tensile strength, superior air barrier, good dimensional stability and chemical resistance. The haze can be customized according to customer needs. T101(D):50-100μm
Reflective Film
Reflective film has good shading property, pure white, durable color, excellent light blocking property and high light reflectivity. Conventional thickness: 75, 100, 150, 188, 225, 250um 1.T107(R) 2.WR101(D)

Functional Films Advantages

Functional films are thin layers of materials that possess specific physical and thermal properties for diverse applications. These films made by PET film factory exhibit properties such as electrical conductivity, optical transparency, flexibility, and high thermal stability.  They are made from a variety of substances such as polymers, metals, ceramics, and composites. Each material imparts unique properties to the film, such as mechanical strength, chemical resistance, or specific conductive properties. They can be used in various scenarios, including electronic devices like touchscreens, solar panels, and flexible displays. Functional films also find applications in protective coatings, sensor technologies, energy storage devices, and medical devices. Their versatility and tailored properties make them indispensable in modern technology, enabling advancements in multiple fields.

Why Choose Heshun Functional PET Film

functional films
As one of the leading polyester film manufacturers, Strong technology explore force helps customers find special solution for their desired application.
pet films
More selections to be chosen. With over 20 years of knowledge and experience ,complete full range of films varieties and specification to be provided.
wholesale pet film
Heshun Products quality is appoved by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
polyester film
Heshun provides top quality service to add the value to customers.
Multi-use of Heshun Functional PET Film

Multi-use of Heshun Functional PET Film

High Gloss Functonal Film
High Gloss Functonal Film

High Gloss Functonal Film

High gloss film and window film base stock are mainly used in the field of car windows and clothing.

Flame Retardant Functional Film
Flame Retardant Functional Film

Flame Retardant Functional Film

Flame retardant film is applied to the insulation of electronic and electrical products, the packaging of flexible lithium batteries, and flame retardant tapes.

Solar Backplane Functional Film
Solar Backplane Functional Film

Solar Backplane Functional Film

Solar backplane film is widely used in solar cell backplane and other fields.

High Strength Functional Film
High Strength Functional Film

High Strength Functional Film

High strength film has good mechanical strength and is widely used in packaging field.


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Functional PET Film
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