Colored Polyester Film

As one leading color film manufacturer, Hesun can supply a wide range of colors and specifications for your option, mainly including black, white matte, blue, red green, and yellow, applied in various consumer and industrial fields, in addition, your desired color can also be acceptable as per your specific requirement. We offer types of PET films for sale.

Colored Polyester Film Types

Colored PET film is a type of polyester film that has a colored, opaque appearance. The color is added to the PET film during the manufacturing process, typically by adding colorants or pigments to the polymer resin.
Transparent Film
Transparent polyester films for printing – polyester films that have enhanced adhesion to inks and adhesives. They are used for printing and solvent-based coating applications. These films are specified for flexible packaging, printed labels, masking applications, engineering drawings, and face shields.
Matte Film
Matte film is mainly used for label production of household appliances, computer precision instruments and equipment, indoor matt decorative materials, heat transfer printing, etc., with different gloss adjustable, and thickness range of 18-250um. 1.Y202(D): 19-23μm 2.Y203(D): 23-93μm 3.Y204(D): 19-23μm 4.YGD: 75-125μm
Black PET Film
The black film is applied to tape black slip paper, tape, electronic insulating gasket, electroacoustic equipment, electronic products shading, etc., with good black covering, uniform and permanent color, excellent electrical insulation, good mechanical properties and thermal stability. Thickness range 12-188um, surface gloss 70-110 (60 °)
White PET Film
The white film is suitable for applications with white and high shading requirements. For example, adhesive tape, electronic insulating gasket, etc., in addition to the superior chemical and physical properties of ordinary polyester film, also have: low light transmittance; Good surface gloss and good reflective effect; It has good composite and printing properties.
Blue PET Film
Blue film is made from special raw materials and complex processing technology. In addition to good chemical properties, there are mainly: Excellent tensile strength. Good surface gloss and apparent properties. Excellent compound properties of coating and printing.
Red PET Film
Red film is made from special raw materials and complex processing technology. In addition to good chemical properties, there are mainly: Bright color. Good surface gloss. Excellent compound ability.
Green PET Film
The green BOPET film has good physical properties and high chemical corrosion resistance. The color is mild without fading. Good surface gloss, etc.
Yellow PET Film
The yellow film is made from special raw materials and specific processing techniques. Product Application Widely used in electronics, electrical insulation, tape, industrial film, photo sensitivity, and printing decoration, and other industries.
The Gold And Yellow PET Film
The gold and the yellow film is made of special raw materials and special processing techniques. In addition to the bright colors, it also has high and low-temperature resistance.

Color Polyester Film Advantages

Heshun Color PET Film Advantages

color pet film
Customization - Colored polyester films offer the ability to customize surfaces with a wide range of colors, patterns and designs. This feature provides design flexibility and allows for creating unique and appealing visuals.
Scratch and Impact Resistance
colored pet film
Scratch and impact resistance - Colored polyester films are resistant to scratches and impacts, making them ideal for high traffic areas or surfaces that are likely to encounter scratches or impacts.
colored polyester film
Durability - Colored polyester films are durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions, UV light, and chemical exposure, making them long-lasting.
UV protection
color packaging film
UV protection - Colored polyester films provide excellent UV protection, reducing the risk of fading, cracking or peeling of surfaces.

Why Heshun Color PET Film

Heshun Color PET Film stands out as a top choice due to its numerous advantages. Firstly, we boast significant production advantages, leveraging advanced manufacturing techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. Our large-scale production capabilities ensure consistent quality and timely delivery. Additionally, Heshun Color PET Film excels in providing exceptional after-sales service, prioritizing customer satisfaction and addressing any concerns promptly. The company offers customized services, catering to specific requirements and ensuring tailored solutions for clients. With years of production experience, Heshun Color PET Film has honed their expertise and garnered a strong reputation in the industry. Choosing Heshun Color PET Film guarantees superior product quality, reliable service, and a seamless experience for customers.

Multi-use of Colored Polyester Film

Multi-use of Colored Polyester Film



Colored polyester film is used for packaging of different products such as snacks, beverages, and cosmetics. The film's color can be used to make the product packaging more attractive and help with differentiation and branding.

Labels and signs
Labels and signs

Labels and signs

Colored polyester film is used to create high-quality labels and signs. Colored pet film can be used as a transparent covering over text or graphics, or it can be printed directly on the film for custom labels and signs.



The high transparency and durability of colored polyester film make it ideal for use in displays. It is used in various types of displays, including electronic displays such as LCDs and LEDs, and as colored filters for lighting displays.

Fashion accessories
Fashion accessories

Fashion accessories

Colored polyester film is also used in the fashion industry to make a range of products such as handbags, shoes, and clothing. The color packaging film's unique color and durable properties make it a suitable material for high-end fashion accessories.


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Colour PET Film
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