Red PET Film

Red transparent film is made from special raw materials and complex processing technology. In addition to good chemical properties. Red PET film refers to a type of polyester film that is colored red. This film is widely used in different industries due to its vibrant, bold color and unique properties. Red PET film is made by adding a red pigment or dye to the PET resin during the manufacturing process. The red transparent plastic film's unique properties, including its high tensile strength, flexibility, and excellent resistance to moisture and chemicals, make it ideal for various applications.

Red PET Film Types

The red transparent film is mainly used for the process protection of consumer electronic products. It has excellent machining performance, easy to press and shape, good surface wear resistance, and color can be produced according to customer requirements. If you want to buy polyester film, you can contact us.

R603D Red PET Film
R603D Red PET film is a type of polyester film that is colored red due to the addition of a red pigment or dye during the manufacturing process. This film is designed to provide a bright, bold, and vibrant red color, making it ideal for decorative and labeling applications.

Red Transparent Film Features

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Clarity – Red PET film is exceptionally clear and offers high light transmission, ensuring that the color red is the most prominent feature.
Color Stability
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Color stability – Red PET film offers excellent color stability, ensuring that the color remains bright and vivid over time.
polyester film
Flexible – PET film can be flexible or rigid, depending on a particular application that one is using it for.
Use of Red PET Film

Use of Red PET Film


Red PET film can be used in photography as a filter to enhance the red hues in the image or to block out unwanted colors.


Red PET film is used in the automotive industry to cover car lights, providing a red hue that improves visibility in low light and foggy conditions. And we can offer types of pet films for sale.


Red PET film is used as a color filter to change the color of light. It is widely used in the film and theater industry.


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Red PET Film
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