PET Film Applications

Industrial Application of PET Flim

Pet film as one kind of environmental protection and safety new material, and more and more end users will choose it to replace previous plastic films.

HESHUN PET films are used through converted, printed, coated, or laminated to make a wide range of finished goods for consumer and industrial applications including flexible package electrical/electronics, imaging/graphics, etc fields.

PET Film Used in Electrical / Electronics

Electrical / Electronics

The flexible circuit board in the display and the optical grade film in the module structure (such as reflective film, diffusion film polarizer, etc.), also be made into a released polyethylene terephthalate film that can protect the optical adhesive layer on the optical film, so that its performance and loss will not be affected by volatilization, physical impact, corrosion, and other factors during storage, transportation.
PET Film Used in Industrial Specialties

Industrial Specialties

Car window film can block ultraviolet rays and heat and has anti-glare and explosion-proof functions. The building window membrane has the functions of heat insulation, energy conservation, and indoor temperature regulation; Effectively blocks harmful ultraviolet rays and prevents furniture from fading; Prevent sun glare, prevents light pollution, and protects vision; Multiple functions such as safety, explosion protection, high temperature resistance and fire protection.
PET Film Used in Packaging Industry


The base film is used to produce commodity labels, refrigerators, washing machines, cabinets, and other panels, cable shielding, air conditioning pipe packaging and waterproof materials, building materials.
PET Film Used in Solar Energy

Solar Energy

As the core part of the solar panel, the film for the solar panel protects and supports the silicon cells, and has excellent anti-aging, water penetration, high temperature and humidity resistance, insulation, and other properties. The mechanical properties and insulation properties can meet the requirements of the solar backplane for the long-term aging resistance of the base film.
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