PET Film Used in Industrial Specialties

HESHUN color and functional pet film with specially treated on the film surface or special resin provided in the material to meet a variety of industrial end uses. The strong general-purpose film, thermal stability, and outstanding tensile properties including tape substrates, release sheets, window film substrates, drum, and backlight industry.

Applictaions of PET Film in Industrial Specialties

With industry continuously developing, PET Films available on the market for industrial applications created show more importance than before, and more and more diversified industrial demands will be developed. The customer especially appreciates the PET films' superior processing and machinability characteristics. Heshun company help customers to explore new industrial application with high-performance.

Gallery of PET Film Used in Industrial Specialties

recycled pet film
recycled pet film
pet laminating film
pet laminating film
pet window film
pet window film

Available Industrial PET Films

PET films have gained significant popularity in the industrial field due to their versatile properties and wide range of applications. These films, made from polyethylene terephthalate, offer exceptional mechanical strength, chemical resistance, and excellent thermal stability. In industrial settings, PET films find utility in diverse areas such as packaging, electrical insulation, thermal insulation, and surface protection. With their high transparency, flexibility, and moisture resistance, PET films serve as an ideal choice for industrial applications, providing reliable performance, enhanced productivity, and effective protection in various industrial processes.

Industrial Specialties
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