PET Film Used in Electrical / Electronics

Heshun PET is used in a wide variety of electronic/electric applications, with excellent electric insulation, stable dimension, and other physical and chemical properties, such as

  • Transformer insulation;

  • Membrane touch switches (computer and calculator keyboards);

  • Flexible printed circuit;

  • Electric cables;

Advantages of PET Film for Electrical Insulation

Heshun offers polyester film products to be suitable for use in the electrical and electronic market with the following unique properties:

1. Good Dimensional stability.

2. Fine Tensile break and yield strength and  Elongation at the break.

3. Excellent Chemical and electrical resistance.

4. High dielectric constant.

5. High electrical breakdown voltage.        

6. ISO certification approved.

Gallery of PET Film for Electrical Insulation

gallery of pet film for electrical insulation
gallery of pet film for electrical insulation
pet film supplier
pet film supplier
polyester film
polyester film
polyester film supplier
polyester film supplier

PET Film for Electrical Insulation Features

PET film is widely used for electrical insulation purposes due to its unique features and characteristics. Made from polyethylene terephthalate, PET film exhibits excellent dielectric strength, which ensures effective insulation against electrical currents. It is typically transparent or translucent, allowing for visual inspection of underlying components. PET film comes in various thicknesses ranging from thin films of a few micrometers to thicker versions. Its high mechanical strength, thermal stability, and resistance to moisture and chemicals make PET film a reliable choice for electrical insulation applications in a wide range of industries.

Is PET Flim a Good Electrical Insulator?

PET film is indeed a good electrical insulator. It possesses high dielectric strength, meaning it can withstand high voltages without electrical breakdown. The film's molecular structure and thickness contribute to its insulating properties, effectively preventing the flow of electric current. Additionally, PET film exhibits excellent thermal stability, moisture resistance, and chemical inertness, which further enhance its insulation capabilities. These characteristics make PET film a reliable choice for electrical insulation applications, ensuring the safety and reliable performance of electrical systems and components.

Electrical / Electronics

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