PET Film Used in Solar Energy

HESHUN PET film manufactures solar energy resistance films treated with proprietary sustainable resin blends, mainly used in auto window film substrates, solar backboards, and other residential and commercial building window bases.

It can be made with or without UV protection, also be customized as per uses requirements.

  • Energy-efficient, heat presentation.

  • Save air conditioning power consumption.

  • Excellent handling and processing.

Why Choose PET Film for Solar Panel Encapsulation?

With constant research and invention, HESHUN can provide a complete solution for the window market with high technologies.

Especially in the automobile window film field, as for the window film, our color-tinted, chip-dyed film, multi-layer IR cut, super clear films, and silicon-treated films are good solution choices in this market.

Gallery of PET Film Used in Solar Energy

red transparent film
red transparent film
yellow pet film
yellow pet film

How does PET Film for Solar Panel Encapsulation Work?

Wholesale PET film is commonly used for solar panel encapsulation due to its favorable material performance. It offers the following benefits:

1. Transparency: PET film allows a high transmission of sunlight, enabling efficient conversion of solar energy.

2. Flexibility: PET film is flexible, allowing it to conform to the curved surfaces of solar panels during the encapsulation process.

3. Weather Resistance: PET film exhibits excellent resistance to UV radiation and weathering, ensuring long-term durability and protection for the solar panel.

4. Moisture Barrier: PET film acts as a moisture barrier, preventing the ingress of water and moisture into the solar panel, which can cause degradation and reduce performance.

5. Electrical Insulation: PET film has good electrical insulation properties, preventing electrical short circuits and ensuring the safety and reliability of the solar panel.

By leveraging these material performance characteristics, PET film effectively protects and enhances the performance of solar panels, making it a preferred choice for encapsulation.

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