What is PET Film?

Polyester film is the raw material of this plastic film, made of ethylene glycol phthalate as the raw material, with high stiffness, strength, and ductility, puncture resistance, resistance to friction and other characteristics. Polyethylene terephthalate as the raw material, the selection of extrusion law into a thick sheet, and then through the transverse pull made of plastic film raw material.

This kind of crystal transparent, glossy plastic film, high physical properties, high stiffness, strength and ductility, puncture resistance, friction resistance, heat and ultra-low temperature, chemical resistance, oil resistance, sealing and fragrance protection, is the common permeability resistance of the four composite plastic film sheet. But the price of polyester pet film is higher, usually the thickness of 13 mm, common surface raw materials for steaming packaging, packaging printing is good.

The price of polyester film is higher, the thickness is usually 0.012mm, common surface raw materials for steaming packaging, and packaging printing is good. Moreover, because of the diversity and indistinguishable polyester film, to Chinese customs control has produced at least difficulties. But we can provide a reasonable PET film price.

The main uses of polyester film classification because of the characteristics of the polyester film decide its different primary uses. Other main uses of polyester film on raw materials and preservatives and production process are often different provisions, and its thickness and performance indicators are also different; On the other hand, only BOPET has a variety of main uses, so the plastic films are classified according to the main uses are all BOPET. We also provide flame retardant film.


BOPET Has A Variety Of Main Uses

1. Welding insulation layer film. Because it has excellent household appliances, mechanical equipment, thermal and organic chemical plasticity, good dielectric strength, high resistance to penetration field, special for electronic devices, electrical equipment thermal conductivity materials, common specifications are 20μm, 41μm, 50μm, 47μm, 60μm, 75μm, 70μm, 90μm, 150μm and 250μm(mm). It mainly includes a cable and wire insulation layer (20-70μm thickness) and a touch switch insulation layer (60-70μm).

2. Capacitor film. With high tensile strength, high thermal conductivity, low loss factor, thin and thick symmetry, excellent mechanical strength, electrical friction resistance and other characteristics, it has been widely used in capacitive medium and insulating layer sandwiches. Common specification thickness is 3.6μm, 3.9μm, 4μm, 3.2μm, 4.5μm, 5μm, 6μm, 8μm, 9μm, 9.8μm, 12μm, 13μm.

3. Card film. It has good clarity, improved stiffness, good thermal stability, excellent winding characteristics of surface leveling, symmetrical horizontal and vertical lashes characteristics, and excellent characteristics of moisture-proof, oil resistance, and chemical protection. Special type for photos, valid certificates, documents and office equipment maintenance packaging, so that it as the original film after hot stamping smooth beautiful, can maintain the copy of clear and deformation. The common standard thicknesses of 10.75μm, 13μm, 16μm, 20μm, 29μm, 40μm, 41μm, 46μm, 56μm, 63μm, 75μm, at least about 16μm as the key laser anti-counterfeiting base film or high-end card protection film application.

4. Universal membrane. With excellent compressive strength and reliability of specifications, cold resistance, and organic chemical reliability, it is widely used for a variety of plates such as composite packaging, photosensitive film, metal evaporation, synchronous recording, and video recording.

What is PET Film?
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