Properties, Characteristics And Excellence of Polyester Film

Polyester film is usually transparent, glossy film, with high rigidity, hardness and toughness, air tightness, and good fragrance protection, is one of the commonly used Yin permeability composite film substrates, and cost-effective film products.

Polyester film has excellent printing performance, super tensile degree, and is very suitable for printing and aluminum coating material, in the printing industry, aluminum plating occupies a prominent market position.

Polyester Film is one of high performance films, high temperature resistant, melting point reaching 260 degrees Celsius, even in the range of minus 70 degrees Celsius to minus 220 degrees Celsius still shows good toughness and toughness, is very suitable for aluminum plating material.

Polyester film is an actual packaging raw material in the packaging industry, dust, wind, moisture, and other functions can be a good protection of the products inside and its wide application. We provide high temperature release film for sale.



The Main Advantages of Polyester Film Are As Follows:

1. High stability, high-temperature resistance in a long time can reach about 130℃, and in 1 hour can reach about 180℃. So does fire retardant film.

2. With low fog and high transmittance, high surface finish, and small thickness tolerance.

3. The base film has excellent mechanical strength and chemical properties.

4. In terms of environmental protection, the high decomposition and solubility of polyester film need not be worried.

Properties, Characteristics And Excellence of Polyester Film

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